The Sentinel Sniper Beam is a sniper variant of the Forerunner Directed Energy Weapon

Overview & Background

The weapon had started production by the orders of the monitor of Installation 04, 343 Guilty Spark, in response to the aggressive 'invaders' warring over the installation, and to the abundance of available bodies and space-faring vessels which could lead to potential massive Flood outbreak. The Sentinel Sniper Beam, when hipfired, acts similar to the UNSC shotgun in that it fires a scattered beam covering a wide area. When scoped, it fires an intense, focused beam that reached over a long range. Similar to every other sniper-type weapons presented in the game, the weapon had two magnification levels for acquisition.

Like the base Sentinel Beam, it also has the incineration characteristics which prevents the Flood Combat Forms "coming back alive" and activating nearby grenades close to the victim.

Gameplay Information


  • Amongst all Sniper-types weapons presented in game, the Sentinel Sniper Beam has the highest power of them all, being able to bring down an Elite Zealot in as little as one/two bursts when scoped.


  • The Sentinel Sniper Beam consumes its battery faster than its base variant, the Sentinel Beam. As such one is advised to only use it on high priority targets at long range
  • Like the shotgun, when hipfired, the weapon has low accuracy

Developer Informations






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