The Sentinel Sniper Beam, referred to as an Unrecognised Extended Range Incineration Beam, is a Forerunner Directed Energy Weapon. It is a modified variant of the standard Sentinel Beam used by Sentinel Snipers.

Overview & Background

The weapon had started production by the orders of the monitor of Installation 04, 343 Guilty Spark, in response to the aggressive 'invaders' warring over the installation, and to the abundance of available bodies and space-faring vessels which could lead to potential massive Flood outbreak. The Sentinel Sniper Beam, when fired from the hip, acts similar to the UNSC shotgun in that it fires a scattered beam covering a wide area. When scoped, it fires an intense, focused beam that reached over a long range. Similar to every other sniper-type weapons presented in the game, the weapon had two magnification levels for acquisition.

Like the base Sentinel Beam, it also has the incineration characteristics which prevents the Flood Combat Forms "coming back alive" and activating nearby grenades close to the victim.

Gameplay Information


  • The Sentinel Sniper Beam has the highest damage output of any long-range Sniping weapon, capable of bringing down extremely resilient targets such as an Elite Zealot in as little as a full magazine.
  • The incendiary nature of the fired energy beam makes the Sentinel Sniper Beam highly effective against unshielded targets, especially Flood forms.
    • The Sentinel Sniper Beam will ignite targets if the beam strikes an area unprotected by Energy Shields or Armour. These flames deal additional damage and can finish off enemies without wasting the Sentinel Beam's battery power.
      • Ignited enemies will still drop grenades on death, which can take out additional enemies if they're cooked off by the burning corpse.
  • The Sentinel Sniper Beam has near-perfect accuracy when in Sniper mode which persists with its practically unlimited range.
  • The Sentinel Sniper Beam utilises a "Regenerating Magazine"; Instead of reloading or overheating, the weapon will passively refill its cache of usable ammo when not firing. Unlike Covenant energy weapons, the Sentinel Sniper Beam does not overheat after discharging the entirety its magazine.
  • The Sentinel Sniper Beam will always have a full battery upon being acquired from a destroyed Sentinel Sniper.


  • While it is immensely more powerful than the standard Sentinel Beam, the Sentinel Sniper Beam deals reduced damage against energy shields.
  • Unlike Covenant energy weapons, the Sentinel Sniper Beam's battery cannot be recharged from a charging station, the meaning the weapon must be discarded or replaced once the battery has been depleted.
  • The Sentinel Sniper Beam can only be obtained from fallen Sentinel Snipers, making the weapon considerably difficult to acquire.
  • Due to the higher energy output, the Sentinel Sniper Beam consumes its battery faster than the Sentinel Beam. As such, the weapon should only be fired either in quick bursts or continuously on high priority targets.
  • The weapon has very low accuracy when fired in Scatter mode, meaning this mode should be reserved for enemies at close range.

Developer Information



  • When picked up, the Sentinel Sniper Beam is referred to as an "UNRECOGNISED EXTENDED RANGE INCINERATION BEAM" by the HUD, presumably because the UNSC has not previously encountered and/or classified the weapon.
  • While the Sentinel Sniper Beam's magazine can only fire 18 battery units, the weapon will drain more units when a single burst is fired. This is because the weapon's magazine is being constantly recharged even as it's being fired.
  • Interestingly, the way the Sentinel Sniper Beam is attached to Sentinels implies that the Master Chief is actually holding it upside-down.



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