The Type-25 Directed Energy Rifle, more commonly known as the Plasma Rifle, is a Covenant infantry weapon.

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It was important that the Plasma Rifle was to remain unchanged when the player fought against it. As the primary weapon of the Elites, the slightest change made to it would send ripples through every single encounter and throw off the difficulty curve. For this reason, the Plasma Rifle remains unchanged in the hands of the enemy, and enemies who did need some sort of modification for the weapon either received it through AI changes with it, or were given the Brute Plasma Rifle.

In the players hands however, we wanted to further distinguish it from the Assault Rifle, which has near identical accuracy to that of the Plasma Rifle. For this reason, 2 changes were made:

  1. It was made slightly less effective at dispatching Grunts, to encourage it being saved for shielded targets.
  2. As the weapon's battery gets weaker, it becomes less effective at dissipating heat. The longer you use the weapon, the less effective holding down the trigger will be as it will overheat faster.
    1. If players don't recognize this, the idea is that they should subconsciously use it for specific tasks. If players do realize this, they will be encouraged to scavenge the battlefield for Plasma Rifles more often.

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