The Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol, also known as the Plasma Pistol, is a Covenant infantry firearm commonly wielded by the lower-ranking Covenant member species, such as the Grunts, Jackal Minors, and Elite Minors/Majors.

Overview & Background Edit


Gameplay Information Edit

Advantages Edit

  • The Plasma Pistol's overcharge shot creates an EMP effect upon impact with a target, which can instantly drain all forms of Energy Shielding and immobilize Covenant vehicles for a short while.
  • The Plasma Pistol is the most common firearm carried by Covenant Infantry forces, which makes it easy to replace.

Disadvantages Edit

  • The Plasma Pistol is relatively underpowered compared to other weapons that can be used.
  • The Plasma Pistol will slowly have its battery drained the longer an overcharged shot is held without being fired.

Developer Information Edit


Trivia Edit

  • TBA

Gallery Edit

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