The Type-25 Munitions Pistol, also known as the Piercer, is a Covenant infantry firearm used mostly by Grunt Ultras and sometimes Brutes.

Overview & Background

On appearance, this handgun-sized weapon is based on much more primitive technology when compared to the majority of Covenant weapons such as the Plasma Rifle, suggesting a Brute origin. The Piercer fires heated nails not unlike the Type-25 Spiker. It sports two firing modes: Pressing the trigger once will fire a five-round burst, while holding the trigger will cause a continuous stream of bursts. The heated nails fired from the Piercer have a tracking behaviour similar to the Needler, albeit not as good as the latter. The weapon also sports a bayonet, which is utilized during melee animations.

On the field it is not a particularly common weapon to be seen. Brutes occasionally wield this weapon but it is most fielded by the Grunt Ultras. Then again, Grunt Ultras are amongst the highest rank within the Grunt hierarchy and they are a rather uncommon sight in the field.

Gameplay Information


  • The heated nails of the Piercer deal devastating damage against energy shield systems. This makes it best used against enemies that highly relies on energy shielding for defense, such as elites and sentinels, being able to take down both types with a few bursts
  • It has quick melee animations, which helps out in hand-to-hand combat.


  • TBA
  • (The following information is based purely on observation and not created by the developers of the game. As such, the article is subject to further changes)
  • Although certainly not negligible, the Piercer deals mediocre damage against armor and flesh, requiring two bursts to finish off a grunt on Heroic difficulty. One should replace it with a better weapon when fighting enemies with tough amount of health, i.e. the brutes and (especially) the flood
  • While covering a decent range and having the ability to track enemies, the Piercer has an awful accuracy in which even the shotgun pales in comparison. As such, the weapon should be used in close quarter combats to maximise its power

Developer Information



  • The Piercer was heavily inspired by a Brute weapon from the cancelled Halo MMO



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