The Type-52 Particle Carbine, also known as the Covenant Particle Carbine or simply Particle Carbine, is a Covenant infantry firearm used by Jackals, Skirmishers, Elites and Brutes.

Overview & Background Edit

The Particle Carbine is a battery-powered, directed energy weapon that served as a successor to the Type-51 Carbine near the end of the Human-Covenant War.

While it shares the same basic shape as its predecessor, the Particle Carbine fires ionized particles (in an identical nature to the Beam Rifle) instead of caseless radioactive projectiles. This transition to battery-power meant that several components inherent with the standard Carbine's design also had to be changed; the standard model's rail-mounted magazine well/loader and other internal ballistic components have been replaced with a particle accelerator with built-in emergency cooling rods, a hydrogen battery and a rail-mounted screen with a holographic overlay. This screen/holographic display is similar to the holographic ammo counter on a standard Carbine magazine, in that it projects two meters: a battery charge meter (represented by the colouration of the screen) and a temperature meter (represented by a coloured meter on the holographic overlay, which rises from Green to Red as the weapon is fired).

The Particle Carbine was developed as a replacement for the original for its substantial increase in practicality; the incorporated battery unit was also utilized by other directed energy weapons such as the Plasma Pistol and Plasma Rifle, and thus eliminated the need to manufacture and distribute ammunition specifically tailored for a single weapon. Additionally, battery-powered weapons are typically easier to use and maintain in the heat of combat, as it eliminates the persistent hassle of reloading weapon and managing an ammo supply. The weapon's only true drawback (Long cooldown period after overheating) can also be circumvented by firing the weapon in a controlled manner.

Despite only being introduced late into the war, the Particle Carbine's ease of use and proven effectiveness against enemy combatants has quickly made it a favourite with both novice and veteran marksmen within the Covenant Military. It is most commonly seen in the hands of Jackal Sharpshooter Minors, but have also been seen carried by Elite Minors, Brute Followers, Skirmisher Minors, Elite Ultras and Brute Commanders.

Gameplay Information Edit

Advantages Edit

  • The Particle Carbine has exceptionally high accuracy which is maintained even with rapid, successive shots.
  • The Particle Carbine can fire as fast as the player can pull the trigger.
  • Unlike most precision and/or headshot-capable weapons, the Particle Carbine has increased effectiveness when used against energy shielding.
    • This makes the Particle Carbine extremely effective at taking out Elites (especially Honor Guards), Brutes with personal energy shields, Jackal/Skirmisher Point Defense Gauntlets, and stationary/vehicle mounted energy shields.

Disadvantages Edit

  • The Particle Carbine deals exceptionally low damage to unshielded targets excluding headshots.
  • The Particle Carbine initiates a lengthy cooldown sequence if it overheats, disabling the weapon and leaving the user vulnerable to enemy fire.

Developer Information Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Particle Carbine is the only battery-powered weapon that can perform headshots.
    • It is also the only weapon in the Covenant arsenal that can perform headshots.
  • Until SPV3.1, the Particle Carbine's screen did not display any information regarding battery charge or heat build-up.
  • A similar weapon was set to appear in an official Halo game, titled "Halo Online." The weapon in question is the "Ammo Covenant Carbine", which is a variant of the Covenant Carbine that has had it's top-loading magazine system replaced with an internal battery. The official Halo Online was cancelled, but a playable mod version still exists.

Gallery Edit

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