The M7 Caseless Submachine Gun, more simply known as the SMG, is a close range UNSC infantry weapon.

Overview & Background

The SMG is the replacement for the original Halo 1 Assault Rifle. Like the H1 AR, it is an inaccurate yet effective bullet hose, with a 60 round clip able to be discharged in 4 seconds flat. The weapon is effective against Grunts, Brutes, and Elites, although on higher difficulties, Brutes and Elites often require a combination of melee or grenades to be easily taken down.

M7/S Submachine Gun

The M7/S is virtually identical to the standard M7, but features a suppressor and a 2x zoom. The Suppressed SMG produces no noise that can be heard by its targets, although AI can react to the impact of shots if the user misses. The 2x scope does not effect the guns accuracy, but it is useful for observing enemies from afar, and taking down lighter units such as grunts when fired in bursts.

Gameplay Information



  • High rate of fire
  • Fast melee
  • Quick reload


  • Silencer is useful for taking out enemies without them noticing



  • Low accuracy
  • Has kickback
  • Low Damage


  • Attachments cause the weapon to take up more of the player's view

Developer Information

Despite complaints, the H1 AR was deemed to be near perfect. In terms of damage and rate of fire, the SMG is identical to that of the H1 AR. However, the accuracy was slightly increased, as a way to compensate for the kickback that every iteration of the weapon has had.

As it is a smaller and lighter weapon by design, the animations that reflect that ended up giving it a quicker melee and reload than the standard H1 AR, which compliments its close quarters functionality.


  • The standard SMG has green lights, while the suppressed version has red.



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