The M7057 Defoliant Projector (M7057 DP), more commonly known as the Flamethrower, is a United Nations Space Command heavy ground weapon.

Overview & Background

The M7057/DP, is a standard chemical flamethrower, which projects and ignites a stream of a volatile, semi-liquid fuel.Flamethrowers are cumbersome and relatively difficult to tactically employ. It originally appeared in the multiplayer of Halo PC. Referring to the M7057/DP as a weapon is a bit of a misnomer as the "DP" in its nomenclature indicate that it is a 'Defoliant Projector' — to be used to rapidly clear away heavy foliage for in-theater construction projects and to destroy new or persistent growth from emplacements and/or hardened military assets. It is normally used with a cart, instead of being carried.

Gameplay Information


  • As with all incendiary weapons, the flamethrower is very useful against unshielded targets.
  • The flamethrower can leave burning residue on surfaces, which will serve as an area-of-denial tool.
  • The flamethrower will also leave residue on enemies, which deals damage over time, and can prevent elites' shields from regenerating.
  • The flamethrower does not need to reload, it instead has a fuel tank that holds 100 units of fuel.
  • Grenades caught in the flames will ignite and explode.


  • Using the flamethrower in close quarters can prove dangerous, as burning enemies/corpses can damage you, and grenades dropped by burning enemies will explode.
  • Fuel runs out rather quickly if you aren't careful, and flamethrowers themselves are somewhat rare.
  • While the flamethrower does not need to reload, it will overheat if fired too long.
  • The flamethrower's stream of flame is rather short, and travels slowly. This makes use beyond close/medium range impractical or impossible.

Developer Information



  • The Defoliant Projector was inspired by a similar flamethrower from the Marathon series. The Defoliant Projector's number, 7057, is an alpha-numeric call-back to the weapon from Marathon's name, the TOZT which means TOST (Toast) in leet speak.
  • The shark-like decal on it is borrowed from the WWII fighter plane model Curtis P-40, which had the tiger-shark decal, painted on it by the Flying Tigers (American Volunteer Group).
  • Present-day flamethrowers have a range of up to one hundred meters (about 300 feet). Strangely, 540 years in the future, the range has decreased by 86%, the weight has significantly increased, and the ammunition capacity has decreased, but it is likely that it is just for gameplay purposes and is not as a canon element.
  • In the cutscene of the level Keyes, where John-117 retrieves Captain Jacob Keyes' neural implants, John-117 was meant to burn Keyes' skull out of the Brain Form/Proto-Gravemind and retrieve the implants. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the Flamethrower was removed. Lorraine Mclees was the one who actually had to skin the whole "burnt" skull and she added that she had done her job so well that "the skull was so gruesome no one could look at it."
  • Compared to the Halo PC version, the nozzle is much shorter and wider (which means a shorter but wider, deadlier spray)



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