The M7057 Defoliant Projector (M7057 DP), more commonly known as the Flamethrower, is a United Nations Space Command heavy ground weapon.

Overview & Background


Gameplay Information


  • As with all incendiary weapons, the flamethrower is very useful against unshielded targets.
  • The flamethrower can leave burning residue on surfaces, which will serve as an area-of-denial tool.
  • The flamethrower will also leave residue on enemies, which deals damage over time, and can prevent elites' shields from regenerating.
  • The flamethrower does not need to reload, it instead has a fuel tank that holds 100 units of fuel.
  • Grenades caught in the flames will ignite and explode.


  • Using the flamethrower in close quarters can prove dangerous, as burning enemies/corpses can damage you, and grenades dropped by burning enemies will explode.
  • Fuel runs out rather quickly if you aren't careful, and flamethrowers themselves are somewhat rare.
  • While the flamethrower does not need to reload, it will overheat if fired too long.
  • The flamethrower's stream of flame is rather short, and travels slowly. This makes use beyond close/medium range impractical or impossible.

Developer Information






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