The M6G Personal Defense Weapon System (M6G PDWS), more commonly referred to as the M6G Magnum or simply the Pistol, is a United Nations Space Command infantry firearm, and is one of the variants of Misriah Armory's M6 sidearm series.

Overview & Background

The M6G is an all purpose pistol, which saw heavy use during the Battle of Reach. In the hands of a Spartan-II like the Master Chief, the weapon can be fired with pinpoint accuracy up to a certain range when fired slowly. The Master Chief is an expert with this weapon, and when using its smart-linked zoom, he will never fire the weapon at a rate at which it will lose accuracy. This means that it will fire at a slow rate of fire when zoomed. However, when unzoomed, the gun can be fired at an alarmingly quick rate, outputting massive damage while burning through its relatively shallow magazine. Like all pistols, it is headshot capable.

Gameplay Information


  • Highly dangerous at close range
  • Headshot capable
  • Commonly found
  • Can zoom in with near perfect accuracy
  • Quick reload and melee, compared to other headshot capable guns


  • Relatively small clip size
  • Requires careful timing when unzoomed to maintain accuracy
  • Bullets do not travel as far as other headshot capable weapons
  • Relatively minor zoom, compared to other headshot capable weapons

Developer Information

The Pistol is central to Halo 1, and we wanted to honor it, yet it had to change due to the addition of the Battle Rifle, DMR, and Carbine. With the Battle Rifle taking the role of the pistol with its 12 bursts per clip and roughly identical damage, the Pistol needed to redefine itself. The idea of a pistol with bloom in Halo: Reach was a mixed bag, with it becoming annoying to use in some situations, but fun in others, noticeably at close range.

The zoom behavior from H1 was retained, making it an effective mini rifle, albeit with a reduction in range to give the BR and DMR an edge at longer range combat. We added a feature designed for the BR's single shot behavior, allowing us to modify the rate of fire when a zoom state was detected that was added by OpenSauce. We then combined that with the Sniper Rifle's functionality of having total accuracy when zoomed in to get a consistent and reliable behavior.

Meanwhile, the rapid-fire functionality from Reach was brought in, which gives the gun an unique purpose in tight spaces, like the Pillar of Autumn. This was questioned by some, as the first half of the game gives you few spaces where this is useful. However, we knew this would be important once the Flood were introduced, where players would want to take advantage of its close range capabilities and fast melee attacks, especially since the Flood now have a headshot capable region on their chests.

The Pistol was then made the most commonly distributed headshot weapon among levels, so that players could always get a headshot capable weapon, but not one that would be the best necessarily for headshots. Due to its inferior nature, we hoped people would have to make better decisions and weigh the tradeoffs of dropping their rifle.

Likewise, it is paired with the more powerful loadout weapons in order to make sure the player does not have to much of an advantage over the other choices.


  • On Legendary, a Pistol's full clip can be discharged into a Elite Minor to crack its shield. The player must then chose to go in for the kill with a melee, or reload as the Elite retreats into cover.
  • The pistol has a range 30 world units, compared to the 40 on the BR and 50 on the DMR. For perspective, a Frag Grenade has a max radius of 3.5 world units.
  • In Halo CE, the pistol was a M6D Pistol but is replaced by the M6G Pistol in SPV3.


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