The M247 General Purpose Machine Gun, also known as the Machine Gun or M247 is a lighter variant of the M247H Heavy Machine Gun used by the UNSC.

Overview & Background


Gameplay Information


  • The Machine Gun is highly efficient at eliminating unshielded enemies, capable of killing them in just a few shots. This makes it especially lethal against Brutes and various Flood Forms.
  • The Machine Gun has a large magazine capacity, allowing it to eliminate groups of enemies (especially Flood hordes) without having to reload.


  • Despite being considerably more powerful than other weapons, the Machine Gun still has reduced effectiveness against energy shields.
  • The Machine Gun has an initially low rate of fire, which slowly increases as the weapon fires.
  • The Machine Gun takes a long time to reload, meaning it should only be done when outside of combat.
  • The Machine Gun has considerably low accuracy, and thus shouldn't be used against anything beyond Mid-range.

Developer Information



  • The M247 Machine Gun originally appeared as a stationary turret in Halo 2.



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