BR54HB Battle RifleBruteBrute Plasma Pistol
Brute Plasma RifleBrute ShotEnergy Sword
Focus RifleFragmentation GrenadeGauss Warthog
GungooseHalo SPV3 WikiJackal Shield
M393 Designated Marksman RifleM41 Rocket LauncherM6G Pistol
M7057 FlamethrowerM7 Submachine GunM91 Shotgun
M9 Fragmentation GrenadeMA5E Assault RifleNeedler
Particle CarbinePlasma GrenadePlasma Pistol
Plasma RifleRocket WarthogSRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle
Void's TearWarthog
File:"SPV3 LEVELS" PAX PRIME 2015 TRAILERFile:0screenshot00.jpgFile:135screenshot00.jpg
File:9screenshot00.jpgFile:AR.pngFile:AR 1.png
File:AR 2.pngFile:AR 3.pngFile:AR 4.png
File:AR 5.pngFile:AR marine.pngFile:Alternate AOTCR Cutscene, restored for SPV3
File:BPR.pngFile:Brute plasma pistol.pngFile:Brute plasma pistol charging.png
File:Brute plasma pistol firing.pngFile:Brute plasma pistol overcharge and overheat.pngFile:Brute plasma rifle.png
File:Brute plasma rifle firing.pngFile:Brute plasma rifle jiralhanae.pngFile:Brute plasma rifle overheat.png
File:Brute shot.pngFile:Brute shot firing.pngFile:Brute shot jiralhanae.png
File:Brute shot melee.pngFile:Brute shot reload.pngFile:CMT SPV3 Picture Gallery (October 2014)
File:CMT SPV3 for Halo CE Former Release Date Trailer (download @ r halospv3)File:Carbine.pngFile:Carbine firing.png
File:Carbine overheating.pngFile:Carbine skirmisher.pngFile:Carbine zoom.png
File:Chaingun Turret.pngFile:Chaingun Warthog.pngFile:Cluster Grenade Alpha Test
File:Example.jpgFile:Favicon.icoFile:Focus Rifle-0.png
File:Focus Rifle.pngFile:Focus Rifle Skirmisher.pngFile:Focus Rifle Zoom precise shot.png
File:Focus Rifle Zoom spreadshot.pngFile:Focus Rifle firing.pngFile:Focus Rifle overheating.png
File:Forerunner Weapon Ammo ConceptFile:GLAR.pngFile:Gauss Warthog.png
File:H5G Render PlasmaGrenade.pngFile:Halo SPV3 Early Look New Guns, New Enemies, New MapsFile:How to Install Halo CE SPV3
File:Jackal major.pngFile:Medkit.pngFile:Needler.png
File:Optional Longsword Bombing TestFile:PR.pngFile:P Carbine.png
File:Plasma pistol.pngFile:Plasma pistol charging.pngFile:Plasma pistol elite.png
File:Plasma pistol firing.pngFile:Plasma pistol grunts.pngFile:Plasma pistol overcharge and overheat.png
File:Plasma rifle.pngFile:Plasma rifle elite.pngFile:Plasma rifle firing.png
File:Plasma rifle overheating.pngFile:Q&A 1 SPV3 and the future of Halo (Week of 2-26-17)File:Rocket Warthog.png
File:SPV3.0.1 Livestream Part 3File:SPV3.0.1 Patch Live StreamFile:SPV3.0.1 Patch Testing Part 2
File:SPV3 "Halo" Gameplay 1080p 60FPSFile:SPV3 "Halo" Walkthrough with commentary. 1080p 60 FPSFile:SPV3 "Pillar of Autumn" Playthrough (download at r halospv3)
File:SPV3 April TeaserFile:SPV3 CE3 2014 PreviewFile:SPV3 Comic Con Release Trailer
File:SPV3 Custom Music On a Pale HorseFile:SPV3 Custom Soundtrack Under the Cover of NightFile:SPV3 First Person Sprint
File:SPV3 Logo Lens Flare.pngFile:SPV3 Maw Intro WIP (Noble Difficulty)File:SPV3 PT2 3.1 and Channel Update.
File:SPV3 Part 2 Sneak PeekFile:SPV3 Recharge StationFile:SPV3 Released. How you can play it now!
File:SPV3 TSC E Walkthough 1080p 60 FPS No CommentaryFile:SPV3 The Silent Cartographer Classic CE3 2015 Demo (No Commentary)File:SPV3 Vidoc 1 The Pistol
File:SPV3 Vidoc 2 The Battle RifleFile:SPV3 Vidoc 3 Plasma PistolsFile:SPV3 Whats changed in TSC E?
File:SPV3 seamless map loadingFile:Shredder brutes.pngFile:Shredder firing.png
File:Shredder profile.pngFile:Shredder reload.pngFile:Shredder ricochet.png
File:Shredder supercombine.pngFile:The Cut Content of SPV3 Truth And ReconciliationFile:Under Construction.png
File:Warthog.pngFile:Warthog HUD.pngFile:Warthog firing.png
File:Warthog weapon.pngFile:Weapon Shredder Profile.jpgFile:Where is SPV3? Why it's delayed and where it is.
File:Wraiths can jump too....

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