The X-M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (X-M12 LRV), commonly known as the Heretic Warthog and sometimes nicknamed the Needler Warthog, is an experimental variant of the UNSC M12 FAV Warthog.

Overview & Background

The X-M12 LRV is an experimental variant of the Chaingun Warthog developed by the UNSC from reverse-engineered Covenant technology. The Heretic Hog is equipped with an M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun modified to fire explosive crystalline shards (identical to those fired by the Needler) instead of the standard 12.7x99mm armour penetrating rounds. While the shards are fired at too high a velocity to properly home in on targets, they make up for this by being fired at critical mass, which means that the shards will generate a powerful supercombine explosion upon contact with a target. Due to the volatile properties of these shards, the turret's rate of fire has been decreased to prevent the ammunition from prematurely detonating in the firing chamber due to the high levels of heat generated while firing.

Gameplay Information


  • The explosive shards fired by the Heretic Warthog's turret deal a high amount of damage per shot, making it highly effective against enemy infantry.
    • The Supercombine explosions generated by the shards can easily flip over light vehicles such as the Ghost or Shade Turret, which will dump the pilot from the vehicle and potentially kill them.


  • The Heretic Warthog's turret has a slower rate of fire compared to the Chaingun Warthog.
  • Despite the explosive power of the crystalline shards it fires, the Heretic Warthog turret is not as effective against heavy vehicles such as Wraiths.

Developer Information



  • The Heretic Hog is unlocked from a hidden terminal in The Pillar of Autumn on Legendary and Noble, activating a Cross-Map Unlock which replaces all occurrences of the Chaingun Warthog with Heretic Warthogs in all future levels.
  • The Heretic Warthog was inspired by the Sword Needler Warthog variant of the M12B Warthog from Halo 5: Guardians.
  • The Heretic Warthog's textures are identical to that of the Chaingun Warthog's, with the only difference being a purple shade of colour.
  • Compared to the Chaingun Warthog, the Heretic Warthog's ammo belt is black instead of gold.


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