Gargartus was a Brute Commander who served on the CSS Sacred Promise and participated during the Battle of Installation 04.


Gargartus was apart of the Covenant force tasked to defend the Cartographer. During this, he felt insulted by the Sangheili and considers them hypocrites since they said that only the worthy can enter but yet they permit the Unggoy and Kig-Yar to be inside. Despite the Prophet's orders that the Jiralhanae should be given more important roles, the Elites disregard it.

He discusses with the other Brutes about their situation. Humans forces were inbound to the island and that the Demon is with them. Gargartus is concerned that his pack will have difficulty stopping him before he reaches inside the halls. Though he does feel some pleasure from this, knowing that the Brutes will have no choice but to enter the Cartographer and to see any dead Sangheili inside.

Despite the feeling that there would be little trouble from the Human forces, Gargartus knows that the presence of the Demon worries his pack. He feels that his pack have little defenses that leaves them weaker due to the "meddling of the Sangheili." Although he possesses stronger power armor due to his rank of Commander, he is aware that a barrage of human bullets can take down a Brute Follower. Gargartus desires for his pack to have heavy weapons and their own weapons instead of their outdated Plasma Pistols and Rifles.


He expresses disdain towards the Sangheili for how they treat the Jiralhanae. He also states that he would like to see their "ugly faces smashed by the Demon." He isn't fearful of the human forces though he is aware of the Demon that wrecked havoc among the Truth and Reconciliation and the rescue of the Human Commanders.

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  • Gargartus's datapads can be found in The Silent Cartographer. The other three datapads belong to Tsek Vadum.
  • It can be presumed that one of the two Brute Commanders encountered when John-117 is trying to get back to the entrance to be Gargartus, since he is no longer mentioned or records any more datapads afterwards.