The Flood, referred by the Covenant as the Parasite, are a species of highly virulent parasitic organisms that can reproduce and grow by consuming sentient life forms of sufficient biomass and cognitive capability. The Flood can infect and mutate humans and Covenant species, such as Unggoy, Kig-Yar, T'vaoan, Sangheili, and Jiralhanae.

Overview and Background


Flood Forms, Weaponry and Equipment

While they don't use a rank structure, there are a variety of types and Combat Forms.

Form Image Description
Proto-Gravemind The Proto-Gravemind, also known as the Proto-Compound Intelligence, is an advanced Flood form created from the biomass of the most intelligent living organisms available, with the ultimate goal of creating a fully-functional Gravemind. Only one Proto-Gravemind is encountered in SPV3.
Combat Form A Flood Combat Form is a sentient being that has been infected by the Flood parasite via an Infection Form or Flood Spores, mutating the victim into a basic combat unit for use by the Flood. They are extremely dangerous, but can be easily defeated when alone or feral. However, when under the control of a Proto-Gravemind they can be coordinated and deadly
Combat Carrier Form The Combat Carrier Form is a sentient being infected by the Flood Infection Forms and serves as a basic combat unit and transporting Infection Forms. Two types have been encountered, the ODST and Elite Combat Carrier Forms.
Carrier Form The Carrier Form is a type of Flood form primarily used to both create and transport Infection Forms thus effectively spreading the Flood infection. There are two known types, the Grunt Carrier and the Jackal Carrier.
Infection Form The Flood Infection Form is the basic and first stage of the virulent Flood xenoform. It is the most commonly seen stage of the Flood, and is the form responsible for spreading the Flood infection.

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Developer Information

All flood forms (with the exception of the grunt carrier form) will have a region where the infection form can be destroyed, similar as to how the headshot region works in H2 and H3. The difference here is that the region will have a high multiplier for all damage, and flood health can be manipulated so that damage to them will often result in them feigning death, with the infection form resulting in their true death. Certain damages such as the brute shot, melees, and explosives will cause enough damage to create a true death as well. A player using say a AR or PR can fire in bursts to take down the infection form controlling the combat forms, giving the player some more strategies than just pumping the combat forms full of bullets. All units will have their own unique AI as well as modified health systems.