Cross-Map Unlocks are a gameplay feature introduced in SPV3.1.


Cross-Map Unlocks are special unlocks which can assist the player in certain levels.

Cross-Map Unlocks are only available on Legendary and Noble difficulty.

List of Unlocks

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Unlock Level unlocked in Level(s) modified Description Walkthrough
Heretic Warthog The Pillar of Autumn Halo

The Silent Cartographer

Assault on the Control Room

Replaces all Chaingun Warthogs with Heretic Warthogs. When entering the ship's vehicle bay (after the first Hunter encounter), wait until the ship's gravity becomes unstable. Once this happens, jump to the second level above the friendly Warthog. Approach the terminal labelled "Experimental Ordnance" and press the action button to activate it.
Phantom Directional Indicator Halo Halo

The Truth and Reconciliation

The Silent Cartographer

The Silent Cartographer: Evolved

Assault on the Control Room

Two Betrayals


The Maw

A unique directional indicator will show up on the HUD whenever a Phantom is inbound. After fending off the Phantoms at the first tower, get into a vehicle and drive towards the "Not a Natural Formation" cave entrance. A couple of Communication Nodes can be seen at the bottom of the valley next to the cave entrance, both protected by several squads of Covenant and a Ghost. Eliminate all enemies and approach one of the Nodes, checking the sides until a HUD message prompting the user to hack into the BattleNet appears and press the action button. Do this for both Nodes.
Covenant vehicle drops. The Truth and Reconciliation The Library Additional unmanned Covenant vehicles (Shadows, Wraiths) are deployed for the player to use. When you reach the Bridge, walk up ramp onto the raised platform. Head towards the holographic controls directly opposite the ramp, where a HUD message will appear prompting the user to unlock Covenant vehicle drops, and press the action button.
Grizzly in Two Betrayals Assault on the Control Room Two Betrayals The first Grizzly becomes available for use. When you first encounter the Grizzly, get into it and play through the level as you normally would. Once you cannot go any further in the Grizzly, park it close to the cave entrance to the second canyons final area, ensuring the vehicle has not been destroyed.
Easier Spec-Ops Covenant in The Maw Keyes The Maw All Spec-Ops Sangheili are replaced with Brute Commanders. After retrieving Keyes' Neural Interface, return to the ship's docking bay. Instead of heading immediately for the Banshee escorts that arrive at the ship, work your way down the three levels of the docking bay and surrounding corridors. Kill all Spec-Ops Covenant you encounter.

Developer Information


  • Cross-map unlocks are an evolution of the original skulls system in SPV3.0, where finding all the hidden skulls in one level would unlock the Skulls menu for the next level.