Covenant Communication Node

A Communication Node on Halo

Covenant Communication Node is a global term encompassing any of the Covenant's mobile communication antennas used on the battlefield.

Overview & Background

There are two variants of the Covenant Battle Node, one is similar to Covenant visual recording devices, but have large metal antennae protruding from the top of the casing. The other variant is an older version of the Covenant Communication Node but is a specialized variant of the standard Covenant supply case. The
Smaller Communication Node

The Smaller version of the Communication Node and the most encountered.

Covenant used these large portable crates to connect to the Battlenet for communication. Although extremely similar in appearance to the supply case, their sides appear to have folded outwards, producing a small screen and keyboard for Battlenet interface. Their range is unknown and they may be able to function in many types of environment, as they have been seen in use in a wide variety of locations. It is speculated that their primary use is for relaying information from planet surfaces to Covenant ships in orbit, although it is equally possible that they are simply used for ground communications. One time during the game, the player will encounter an unfortunate Elite, who is distracted using one of these, just ripe for being assassinated from behind.

Gameplay Information

While at first they don't appear to affect gameplay, if the player plays Halo on Legendary or higher, they will be able to access the Covenant Battle Network. By accessing both Nodes, a dong will sound and a notification comes up saying "All missions will alert you to incoming dropships."

Appearance and Function



  • Halo - Both variants appear on this level, the first two encountered (when playing on Legendary or Higher) will be able to access the Covenant's Battlenet to reveal Dropships for the rest of the game
  • Silent Cartographer - A pair of comm crates may be found in both the security sub system and in the Silent Cartographer itself. Additionally, several of them are found at the Pelicans' landing zone, mixed in with the normal supply crates.
  • 343 Guilty Spark - In the swamp, they broadcast the same message as Victor 933's crash message, suggesting that V933's pilot was desperate enough to broadcast on all channels, even those occupied by the Covenant Battlenet.

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