Balho was a Grunt Minor who served on the CSS Undinished Entelechy and participated during the Battle of Installation 04.


Balho was apart of the Covenant force sent to secure the control room. During this task, the group he was in was attacked by humans. After taking cover from behind a rock, he flees to a nearby metal building where there are more Sangheili and Unggoy. They assist him with killing the human who ran to the door. After this, they go through more rooms and Balho was then ordered (presumably by an Elite) to stand guard. More humans arrive and he sticks a Plasma Grenade onto a human, who then runs towards the other grunts and explodes, killing Bahlo's "new friends." He then flees to another room and finds a Shade turret and operates it to fire upon the humans. A frag grenade was tossed towards him that then causes him to hide in a corner.


Balho seems to enjoy snow, especially "red snow." He gets scared of larger groups of humans and "Demon flares."

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