"Lead the Marines in an all-out offensive on the control room."

Assault on the Control Room is the fifth mission in Halo SPV3.

Overview & Background


Gameplay Information

There are 5 loadouts available for the player to choose at the beginning of the level:

Loadout Armour Upgrade Grenades Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon
Stealth Health Regen Frag Grenades (4) BR54HB/S Battle Rifle (36+252 reserve ammo) M7/S Submachine Gun (60+600 reserve ammo)
Grenadier MA5E/GL Assault Rifle (32+320 reserve ammo and 6 grenades) M6G Pistol (8+80 reserve ammo)
Saboteur BR54HB/GL Battle Rifle (36+360 reserve ammo and 6 grenades) M7/S Submachine Gun (60+600 reserve ammo)
Marksman M393 Designated Marksman Rifle (15+105 reserve ammo) MA5E Assault Rifle (32+320 reserve ammo)
Demolitions M41 Rocket Launcher (2+8 reserve ammo) M6G Pistol (8+80 reserve ammo)

Developer Information



  • There are 18 terminals scattered throughout the level.



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