Game Levels The Pillar of Autumn Halo The Truth and Reconciliation The Silent Cartographer Assault on the Control Room 343 Guilty Spark The Library Two Betrayals Keyes The Maw The Silent Cartographer: Evolved Developer Notes Cut Levels The Library: Evolved None Left Behind The Commander The Commander: Evolved Cut Content Sawed-Off Shotgun (weapon) Gravity Rifle (weapon) Covenant Boltshot (weapon) Impaler (weapon) Scatter-Sniper (weapon) Mantis (vehicle) Super Brute Form (enemy) Sentinel Knight (enemy) Sentinel Soldier (enemy) UNSC Weapons Assault Rifle SMG Heavy Machine Gun Pistol Battle Rifle DMR Sniper Rifle Rocket Launcher Shotgun Flamethrower Covenant Weapons Plasma Pistol Brute Plasma Pistol Void's Tear Plasma Rifle Brute Plasma Rifle Piercer Needler Shredder Brute Shot Particle Carbine Forerunner Weapons Sentinel Beam Sentinel Sniper Beam Grenades Frag Grenade Plasma Grenade Gravity Grenade Cluster Grenade Equipment Health Regen VISR Sprint Active Camo Overshield Vehicles UNSC Vehicles Warthog Rocket Warthog Gauss Warthog Gungoose Grizzly Sparrowhawk Pelican Covenant Vehicles Ghost Shadow Shade Wraith Anti-Air Wraith Banshee Phantom Spirit Ground Vehicles Warthog Rocket Warthog Gauss Warthog Gungoose Grizzly Ghost Shadow Shade Wraith Anti-Air Wraith Air Vehicles Sparrowhawk Pelican Banshee Phantom Spirit Spacecraft Longsword Halcyon-class Light Cruiser Pillar of Autumn Banshee Interceptor Seraph CCS-class Battlecruiser Truth and Reconciliation Factions UNSC The Covenant The Flood Forerunner Ecumene UNSC Characters John-117 Cortana Avery Johnson Jacob Keyes Carol Rawley Shiela Polaski Covenant Characters Forerunner Characters 343 Guilty Spark Locations Installation 04 Alpha Base

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